Werth-y Of Your Vote!

Well, did I call this one, or what?!  In my April 30th Blog I called for Phillies fans to write in Jason Werth on the All-Star ballot, pointing to his clutch performances all year for this team dating all the way back to the latter half of last season.  You may also recall my adorable photo / voting campaign for him: 
Thumbnail image for P4137179 cr ED.jpg

So then last night, Mr.Werth turns in the most impressive display of the year with 3 home runs and 8 RBI’s, falling only one 2-run homer short of the elusive home run cycle.  WOW.  This puts Werth in a Phillies five way tie for the most RBI’s in a game along with Kitty Bransfield, Gavvy Cravath, Willie “Puddin’ Head” Jones and of course, Mike Schmidt.

So, now the question remains, who will start tonight against the right handed AJ Burnett?  You know how Charlie Manual loves to play the right handed – left handed game.  But I really think Werth has earned the starting spot at this point.  If it were me, I’d start Jayson in center, sit Victorino and give Jenkins the start in right…he’s been sitting long enough and Shane has struggled a bit lately.  And this will really give Manual an idea about whether Jayson really is an everyday player.  Can he hit both righties and lefties?  I think he can.  Give him a shot…he’s more than earned it!

Check out my new links off to the right…I have added a link to my You Tube Phillies Baseball 101 page which has some really FUN video!  You can see Jen Utley talk about her relationship with Chase, watch her reveal that he never graduated college (although she says he’s still smart…hee! :o) and what she “thinks” his major was…she can’t quite remember.  FUNNY stuff!  Also hear Phillies coaches give lessons on hitting and pitching; hear all about how the team travels to away games and much more really intriguing behind the scenes access!  Hope you enjoy it…I know I did!  Go Phillies!


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  1. aileen.milliken@chase.com

    Jayson Werth – so excited for his awesome playing! I have his autograph on a Phils jersey that my brothers had made up for me for my bday – because I’ve been a fan for a LONG time!! Spring training – St. Patty’s Day – I got his autograph!! I hope the Phillies keep him for a long time, because it’s only going to get better!!
    Go Jayson! Go Phils!!!

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