Brett Myers Needs A Hug

Two pitches into last nights’ game I thought, oh my, this is going to be a long one.  That’s when the first of 3 Braves home runs left the park in a hurry.  And, in the first 2 innings.  Everyone seems to have a different view on what is going on with Myers; Mitch Williams seems to think he lacks attitude; Manuel thinks he is not setting up the batters; others point to pitch velocity.  Me?  I think the man just needs a hug.  Come here baby!  I’ll make it all better :o)

Myers hug cr.jpg

See?  Now aren’t we all in a better mood?  Ok, ok…well, what else can you do at this point?  Throw the guy under an 18-wheeler?  He obviously does not want to suck.  I assume he does not enjoy getting booed, and believe me, he got his share of that last night.  Brett has what it takes to be a great starter, he just needs to find that energy and channel it in the right direction.  MapQuest anyone?

Losing 8-6, the Phillies did almost pull out an amazing comeback even after all that, with Shane Victorino falling short by a mere 2 feet at the warning track with 2 men on base.  One of those men was super sweet Greg Dobbs who came through, yet again, with huge pinch hit.  This guy SO should be getting more playing time!  Incidentally, Greg was the guest speaker yesterday at the women’s Baseball 101 clinic and was extremely entertaining.  I will be posting video of that, Q&A’s with Assistant GM Ruben Amaro Jr., Jen Utley, Harry Kalas, Michael Barkann, plus photos from the day and much more!  I will being posting some of that this evening…stay tuned…

Also, Phillies Phollowers was the featured Blog on MLBlogs this week, in case you missed it.  You can read the feature story on Phillies Phollowers called a Spheroid on the main MLB Community Blog.  My thanks to MLBlogs for the nod!  Have a good day everyone!

Jenn MLB Home b.jpg



  1. theburghblues

    Hey there Jenn. Love your blog, one of my favorites on Quick question. Do spheroids only come on Thursdays? I just sent in mine and I am really nervous to see if they’re going to post one about me. Let me know.

    Keep updating, and I’ll keep reading. Leave some feedback on my blog if you would like to.

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