Why I Love Gary Matthews

Well folks, the current Phillies – Braves game is not looking good so I felt a bit of comic relief might be in order here.  And nothing cheers me up more than a healthy dose of Sarge’s baseball wisdom.  In fact, who has not been endlessly entertained these past 2 years listening to Mr. Matthews cloud the TV airways with his jumbled player name pronunciations and inventive twists on the English language?  I believe he may even have coined a few new phrases.

How about the “Courtesy Turn?”  I first heard this one as Chase Utley smacked a homer out of the park against the Reds on April 4th.  Apparently, Ken Griffey Jr. “turned” to watch the ball leave the park and Sarge referred to this as Griffey giving the knock a “courtesy turn.”  How kind of him, indeed.  Such a gentleman.  Perhaps in their next series, Griffey will present Utley with a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates?

Speaking of Utley, in the book of Matthew-isms, “Professional Hitter” is right there at the top of the list where Mr. Utley is concerned.  He almost cannot have a conversation about Chase Utley without this particular phrase coming into play.  But don’t worry; it is not only reserved for Utley.  He spreads the wealth on this one.  Certainly a favorite of the Sarge, you can hear it at least once or twice per broadcast.  And I giggle every time…

And I have reserved my absolute favorite Matthew-isms  for last!  Drum roll please!!!!  You will know it as soon as you hear it…he says it ALL the time!  Yes, you guessed it, it is “A Good Athlete!”  As in, this guy here is “a real good athlete.”  He says it on average, 3-6 times per broadcast.  Now Sarge, you know I LOVE you, but considering these guys ARE all Major League ball players, I sure hope they are all good athletes!  Hee!  Sarge, you are SO darn cute!  I just want to pinch your cheeks and give you a giant bear hug :o)  And in honor of your adorableness, here is a photo of you toting the BBQ at last years’ BBQ challenge:

DSCF8061 cr.jpg

Well, the Phillies have managed to score a few runs so back to watching the game I go…I have a busy day tomorrow too to get ready for!  Look for me on TV too!  I’ll be attending the Phillies Baseball 101 clinic for women and I will be featured on the NBC 10! Show at 2pm as part of a mini-clinic from the day.  I’m staying for the game tomorrow night so I’ll report back on Thursday and let you know how it goes!  Have a good one!


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