Jimmy Rolls Over The Giants In Return Appearance

MVP J-Roll wasted no time last night getting back into winning form, going 3 for 5 with 3 RBI’s and a home run that drove in pitcher Cole Hamels, rewarding Cole for his one hit of the night.  Obviously feeling the love back in his hometown and with the family looking on, Rollins did not miss a beat stepping off the DL.  There was an especially poignant shot of him on TV right after the home run, standing in the dugout with Ryan Howard where he was showing Ryan the stance and swing he took on the home run ball and Ryan looked on, wide-eyed, like a four year old to his Daddy.  Well baby, Daddy is home and if this is the guy you need to lean on to get out of this funk, then please do.  I have always thought Jimmy had the ability to lead this team and be that guy for the younger players, he just needs to take the role and run with it.  Let’s see if the fog begins to lift for Ryan now that Jimmy is back.  Here is a nice shot of Jimmy saying hi to me at Spring Training:

J-Roll says hi cr.jpg 

Pedro Feliz also had a decent game, apparently feeling comfortable in this ballpark where he played for seven years, and having his family there as well.  He was the only other Phillies player with a multiple hit game, going 2 for 5 with 1 RBI, although Pat Burrell did his part too in drawing 3 walks on the night. 


Now is it just me, or did Cole Hamels look like a toddler throwing a temper tantrum all night?  Like mommy would not let him go outside to play or took away his favorite Tonka truck?  Most of the night, every time Ruiz tossed the ball back to him, he snapped the glove back at it like he was going to give it a spanking.  Now honey, if you really feel the need to spank something, may I offer…  Oh sorry, the mind has wandered off again; back to baseball… :o)  Seriously though, he just looked upset with almost every pitch he threw last night.  He did come out with the win and gave up 4 earned runs in 7 innings which honestly, is probably not what we’d expect out of our ace, so I do see where the frustration comes from.  However, if he knew all night he was having issues, then where was the adjustment?  It just seemed like he struggled with the same stuff all 7 innings.  He did, however, manage to snap Aaron Rowand’s nine game hit streak.  Well, let’s see how the next start goes.  2 more in San Fran – Go Phillies!


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