Myers Gets Caught In The D-Backs Webb

Brandon Webb spun a frightening game together today, allowing only 2 earned runs in a full nine inning complete game.  This really left Brett Myers and the Phillies with no room for error, yet err they did.  Myers walked 3 and gave up 6 earned runs while an Utley error and overall sloppy play in the field added to the surmounting chaos.  The bats came alive towards the end of the game, but not soon enough to untangle the mess.  Although, Victorino and Bruntlett did end the game with 2 hits each, continuing their hot streaks.


Speaking of Victorino, I must give Kudos to Shane for have a head of steel after yesterday’s horrible collision at first base!  Shane smacked heads with D-Backs first baseman Conor Jackson trying to run out a wild pitch strike out.  The collision nearly knocked both men unconscious and Jackson, on his birthday no less, wound up leaving the game.  But Shane, the Man Of Steel, got up, and on the very next play, ran all the way home from first base on a Bruntlett hit to score.  Well, apparently Shane’s hard head has been in “training” since childhood… I actually met his parents last year at a game and had a chance to talk to them for a few minutes.  They were just the nicest people you’d ever want to meet, by the way.  They were telling stories about his childhood to his agent who was having a nice laugh over all the times Shane had fallen on his head or run into something and all the trips to the hospital they had taken.  So, I am supposing he is used to getting smacked around :o)  Although, I assume he’d rather avoid it in the future.  I know I’d like to see less of it.  Anyway, Kudos to Shane, our hero and resident tough guy!

P2272443 cr.jpg 

So, the Phillies walk away from the best team in the NL with a split.  Guess we can live with that.  On to San Francisco where the Giants have not won a game since they saw us last weekend.  Uh oh.  They are really going to be fired up for this series I would think, so our guys had better get ready!  Don’t underestimate this team…they did not go down easily the last time.  It’ll be a late night tomorrow!  Go Phillies!


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