Eaton Gets a Decision

Probably not the one he wanted I assume, bringing his record for the year to 0-1.  In the process, the managed to raise a lot of questions, yet again, about his ability to pitch and keep this very talented Phillies team in games.  He had a chance to get out of a very rough 4th inning last night with minimal damage, keeping the game well within reach, but blew it by walking the opposing pitcher on 4 straight balls!  Talk about just plain losing it…wow.  I mean, I know that yesterday I said Randy Johnson was “scary” and had a “crinkled and monster-like glare,” but I meant while he was pitching, not batting!  Geez!  Sorry if I psyched ya out there, Adam :o)


So, I think we have gone way past the “injury” excuses now as Mr. Eaton appears to be healthy.  And in his post game comments, he fully admits to blowing the game.  I actually felt kind of bad for him, but I guess that is just a female hormonal thing :o)  Sorry, the mommy in me wants to pat him on the head and tell him it is ok…  But I’ll just have to grit my teeth and get tough now!  Maybe it is time to look towards trying someone else if he has another bad outing?  Benson is not ready yet, so how about Chad Durbin?  He was a once in a while starter in Detroit and has done very well in long relief for us.  Maybe I am just biased because I just really like Chad… he was very friendly in Spring Training.  I have a cute picture of him waving hi to me below.  And then a disturbing photo of Adam, looking confused…and I “added” to that photo a bit :o)  I mean, maybe all he needs to get back on track is a little counseling?  Why not give Dr. Phil a try?  It worked for Britney!  Or, did it?  I can’t keep up with all that…
Eaton Durbin edit.jpg

 In other news, Pat Burrell is up for the Pepsi Clutch performer of the Month for April!  Yeah!  So, please, please VOTE FOR PAT here!  And you can also enter the sweepstakes to win a trip to the All-Star game on this same page.  Hint: If you refresh the page, you can vote over and over again!  I know what I’ll be doing all day!  Also, keep voting for Pat for the 2008 All-Star team!  And Chase, and all the other Phillies too!!!


And while I am in the chatty mood, just an FYI…I recently added some new links to my page here.  Look over to the right and you will see some new photo albums and some new web page links as well.  Feel free to leave me comments or send me an e-mail with any thoughts you may have about the site or if you just want to talk Phillies.  Thanks and have a great day!


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  1. billze

    Adam Eaton can join Joe Cowley in the rubber room. I think Chad Durbin has found his role and starting may not be a good thing for him. Benson is far from a lock considering he has not pitched in so long. I would look for him more in 2009. This staff ave is what it is. I am pleased with Kendrick tonight although he gave up a lot of hits. The bottom line is pitching is tough in the Phillies rotation. We need better but have to get by with what we have and score lots of runs. God I miss Steve Carlton and John Denny!

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