Age Is Just A Number

And apparently, Jamie Moyer is not counting…  As for the Diamondbacks however, he certainly had their number last night.  Let’s start with ZERO – the number of walks issued by Moyer last night, and the whole Phillies staff for that matter.  How about 2 – Moyer only gave up 2 earned runs over 7 innings, keeping his team well within the game.  And then the really fun numbers – Moyer went 2 for 3 at the plate with 1 RBI and a sac bunt, bringing his season average to .273.  Not too shabby for a pitcher.

P5049679 cr.jpg 

And holy crap, the offense is back!  Victorino is hitting again, Howard looks like we can take him off the life support machine now, and Bruntlett finally found his comfort zone with this team, although it may be just in time for him to take a back seat again to Jimmy’s return…  Even Jenkins and Feliz showed signs of life and appear to be blending well into the mix…ah, the joys of May!  The sun came out, the players are smilin’ and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside :o)  That is, until they see Randy Johnson staring back at them tonight…  Eeek!  I don’t know about you, but to me, he is one scary looking dude…  So, let’s hope the love fest continues despite the crinkled and monster-like glare of the tall-one.  Go Phillies!


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