Pat Burrell Plays Hero; Rowand Returns

Aaron Rowand returned to Philly last night and it looked like he was going to spoil first place for the Phillies with a go-ahead home run blast in the 10th.  Not to mention that knock smashed JC Romero’s scoreless streak…gee, thanks Aaron :o(  Well, Chase Utley and Pat Burrell were having none of that.  Friend or no friend, they were not going to let Rowand have the last word. 


Chase got a base hit to start the inning and very uncharacteristically, threw his hands above his head and clapped when he reached first base as if to signal, “Let’s go!” to the rest of his team.  He showed actual emotion during a game!  You can rest assured, as far as Chase Utley goes, besides the occasional smashing of a batting helmet, this almost NEVER happens.  He wanted this one against his former teammate BAD.  They all did.  When Burrell stepped to the plate, you could see the concentration on his face.  You just had a feeling something big was about to happen.  And there it was, a huge two run, walk-off blast to win the game for the Phillies!  Used to being pulled out before the end of most games, Burrell had to be thrilled to finally get a chance to be there right at the end and give his team a shot to win.  Maybe now we can leave him in there more often, hmmm?

Burrell superman cr.jpg 

After the game, the media interviewed Aaron Rowand and asked how his return was to Philadelphia.  With his saddest puppy dog eyes and a bit of a sniff like he may actually cry, he expressed that he was glad to see his former teammates, but wished the game had turned out differently.  I actually felt bad for him…it made me want to cry.  More than most people, I really wanted to see Aaron come back and sign with Philly and was devastated when it didn’t happen.  And now, I just imagine that he has to be seriously questioning his decision, which makes me kind of sad.  I mean, he’s gone from a first place team to a team that may finish in 4th place?  Maybe 3rd?  He had very close friendships with everyone on the team here and the manager and had to leave them.  No offense to the Giants staff at all, but they just don’t look like the type of guys he’d really hang out with…a lot of very, very young guys.  So, I can’t imagine he’s got the same kind of chemistry there that he did in Philly.  He can’t be having a whole lot of fun.  Then, add to that what happened last night.  Imagine having to walk past that celebration on the field after Pat’s home run, which I am sure looked very similar to a celebration that he was a part of with those same guys, just 7 months ago, in the very same place.  That had to sting.  I really did feel bad for him.


Well, I wish Aaron the best (except for the next few games, of course), he’s a nice guy… I’ll be going to the games tonight and tomorrow…hoping to get some good pictures before the sky begins to fall.  The forecast does not look happy :o(  Hoping for the best…Go Phillies!



  1. billze

    Aaron had his chance to return but took money over being on a winning team and being in a ballpark where he could put up good numbers. I was never a huge Rowand fan, I did not dislike him either, but the Phillies are a better team with Geoff Jenkins and Pedro Feliz. I am not sure whether they would have Feliz if they kept Rowand because of the salary.

    I am surprised Rowand even picked San Fran. They are a team going no where and may not go anywhere during his years there. I would have thought his competitive spirit would have taken him to a team with a chance to win.

  2. phillies_phollowers

    Yeah, I was really shocked about the San Fran pick too. Seemed totally out of character…only thing I could figure is that it was closer to home for him, closer to his kids. And as far as the money, the Phillies actually offered more money per year. So, he was just upset at not getting more that 3 years or 3 with an option for a 4th, I think is what they may have offered. Again, worried about uprooting the family I guess. That being the case, I certainly hope he at least got a no-trade clause out of them. Otherwise, what was the point? Still kinda odd to me though. Oh well!

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