First Place, Slipping Slumps & More Photo  Fun…

Starting off the month right in first place, the Phillies can exhale a sigh of relief.  After the first few weeks of April were not looking so hot, they finished off with a bang.  And the bang came off the bat of Ryan Howard to slide him right on out of this awful slump he’s been in.  It’s about time too!  Poor thing…that was just getting painful to watch.  Much more so for him, no doubt.


So in other news, Chase Utley is up for player of the month honors and if he does not get it, then whoever is voting must have their heads, well, let’s just say, in a very dark and cavernous place.  Somewhere where they are apparently impervious to any and all baseball information.  Chase is still leading the league with 11 homers, batting .357 (5th place) with 23 RBI’s and a slugging percentage of .748 (1st place)!  If that’s not enough, how about 86 total bases (1st place) and 41 hits (tied for 2nd).  I mean, why bother voting?  Just hand it over already!  Not that I am biased or anything… :o)


Skipping around a bit here, let’s get to today’s photo fun!  It actually has to do with yesterday’s game.  I was excited to see Randy Wolf return to Philadelphia for the first time, but my only disappointment was that Geoff Jenkins did not get an at bat against him.  Now, the line-up was great and, as it should have been.  However, for extremely, and admittedly, very silly reasons on my part, I was hoping to see the Wolf-Jenkins match-up at least once.  You see, every time I see Jenkins, I mistakenly think he is Randy Wolf and go through this weird flashback thing in my head and have to correct myself.  For example, I saw a bit on Comcast Sportsnet the other day, Jenkins walked past in the background and I am going, “Hey, what the heck is Randy Wolf doing in the locker room?” And then I am going, “Duh!  That’s Geoff Jenkins you airhead.” (meaning me, of course)  So, to see if I have totally gone crazy, I was just hoping for one at bat so that maybe they would show a split screen of the two of them and maybe someone else would point out the resemblance so I would not feel so dumb :o)  But, no such luck.  So, here is my very own split screen!  What do you think?  Brother’s or not?  Or am I just yearning to have Randy Wolf back… :o)
Wolf Jenkins cr.jpg


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