Trees Are Good – Green Hats Are Not So Good…

I was very excited yesterday to hear about the Phillies “Go Green” Initiative!  More about that in a minute… However, I was not so excited about last night’s game.  While green is traditionally the color of luck, the green hats did not bode well for the team in their loss to the Padres.  Moyer was hurt twice by the long ball and the offense was, well, offensive.  They got some hits, but managed to erase them by hitting into THREE double plays.  Just sad :o(   Although, in obvious response to my comments yesterday about being disappointed by his performance, Geoff Jenkins went on a tear and got three hits.  So, if it helps any other players, please let me know in the comment section and I will be happy to post my “disappointment” here so as to further motivate them :o)  I have no problem taking one for the team!


So, let’s talk about something cheery then, shall we?  The Phillies announced yesterday that they bought 20 million kilowatt hours of Green-e Energy Certified Renewable Certificates – in plain English, this is energy that is NOT produced by burning coal and therefore, not harmful to the environment.  It can be solar powered, wind powered, etc…  According to the Phillies web site, “…this is the largest single purchase of 100 percent renewable energy in professional sports and is equivalent to the planting of 100,000 trees.”   This is actually quite shocking as I am sure it was an ENORMOUS investment.  So KUDOS to the Phillies!  I am giving it 100,000 thumbs up!  For more information, click on Phillies “Go Green” Initiative.

Go Green.jpg 

And while we are on the “Go Green” topic, last year I joined the Stop Global Warming Virtual March along with Chase Utley and more than one million other concerned citizens.  It is an effort to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in order to stop global warming.  You can see Chase’s pledge here, get more information and join the march as well.  It has no political affiliation and is just a simple awareness tool with some nice free tips on things you can do every day to conserve energy and keep the air clean.  We all live on the same planet – might as well take good care of it :o)


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