Click Your Heels Three Times…

We’re back home again, and it’s looking good!  Cole Hamels put on another superb display and this time, the manager decided to let him have the win.  Manual pulled him in the 8th just before things got too, too far out of control.  Whew!  It looked like it might be a nail biter for a little while, but they wiggled out of it.  I assume Greg Maddux will get his well deserved 350th win very soon.  I for one am just glad it did not come against the Phillies…sorry, Greg.  Luv ya anyway.

It is also looking like the day off on Monday may have done Howard some good.  He only had one hit last night, but probably should have had two.  He was robbed by a great play in centerfield that would have been extra bases for sure (yes, even at his slow pace).  So, there may be a light at the end of his very dark tunnel here soon…

All-Star voting has begun!  I think we have 3 shoe-in’s…Chase Utley, Cole Hamels, and for the first time, Pat Burrell…so let’s get voting people!!!!  But I will tell you who else is going to get my vote, and this may seem like an odd choice…Jayson Werth.  Yes, I am going to write him in.  This guy has been hitting in clutch situations for the Phillies all month AND did it the last half of 2007 as well.  He’s batting .289 with 5 homers, 13 RBI’s and 2 stolen bases in 22 games.  Geoff Jenkins, who was supposed to be our starter or platoon player with Werth, and who was so highly touted coming into Philly as our “Rowand replacement,” is only batting .241 with 1 home run, 4 RBI’s, and 1 stolen base in 25 games.  Jenkins has been a disappointment, but Werth is picking up the slack.  And now that Victorino is back, I think Charlie should put Victorino back in center and Werth in right, or the other way around.  And if someone slips into a funk, you put Jenkins back into the mix.  Let them earn the playing time.  But right now, Jayson has earned it, so leave him in there!  And, if you agree, write him in on your All-Star ballot! :o)
P4137179 cr ED.jpg

Besides his other obvious qualifications, his hair is always perfect.  The man never has hat head!  How does he do that?


One comment

  1. billze

    The outfield situation is a tough one. Werth has earned the right to start giving the Phillies four capable starting outfielders. Charlie will probably go with the hot hand although Jenkins needs regular at bats if he is going to be successful.

    Sadly I think all of this is playing into an outfield next season of Werth, Victorino, and Jenkins with Taguchi as the platoon and Pat Burrell ending up elsewhere. I think this would be a mistake but fear this is how the team will go.

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