Lieberthal is back…

But only for one day…whew!  Kidding aside, Mike Lieberthal, apparently still a big Phillies fan, has decided to retire in Philadelphia.  So, June 1st is the day and I think he should receive a warm welcome back.  In 13 years with the Phillies, Mike put up some good numbers and had 2 All-Star appearances.  The latter half of his career though was plagued with injuries and lacking in RBI production.  I know whenever I attended games, the big joke was that Mike would do just fine at the plate, as long as no one was on base :o)  And remember the days when he’d be in a real funk and Bowa would just refuse to move him down in the batting order so as not to offend him?  Ahhhhh…the sweet frustration of it all still echoes in my brain…

Ok, well let’s just remember the good times and put aside the bad…  In 1999, Mike hit 31 homers and had 96 RBI’s with a batting average of .300 for the year and his first All-Star appearance.  The only other player before him to reach .300 and 30 homers in a season was Mike Schmidt in 1981.  He had another productive season in 2000 and made the All-Star team again.  So, many thanks to Lieby for a long and entertaining career!  And in the spirit of entertainment, I dug through my photo archives and found this one for you…this was taken before I had a “real” camera, but it is not too bad, although I was behind the screen in the home plate section:

Thumbnail image for DSCF4478.JPG

From September 9, 2005:  Where’s the ball?  Where’s my glove?  Where’s my helmet? Ugh! ….By the way, look to the far right…you will see the ball.


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