Two Out Of Three…

In the words of an unattractive, aged 80’s pop-rocker named after a sloppy dinner dish, I suppose 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.  And if you did not get that reference, you are far too young to be reading this…or, sadly, I am far too old…  In which case, oh, just shut-up already!  Ok, I have had my mid-life crisis for the day…now, on with the baseball…

Kyle Kendrick looked great in yesterday’s win, which was a relief to see after the last few worrisome starts.  Looks like he’s got his groove back.  Maybe that pre-season Myers gag about trading him to Japan had a few lasting mental effects?  Whatever it was, he appears to be cured now.  However, the joke now appears to be on Myers.  Brett has not looked at all like himself these last few starts and, according to manager Charlie Manual, “Every time he goes out there, I’m looking to see his good stuff. Today was not his good stuff.”  He even pointed out that Myers’ fastball has dropped in velocity from around 95mph to 89mph, tops.  Maybe someone needs to pull a prank on Myers to lighten the mood?  Hey, I know…tell him Charlie’s hired 80’s pop-rocker Meatloaf as an assistant pitching coach, who will not only help him with his fastball, but will perform his lovely and memorable rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” at every home game for the fans!  Meatloaf will be up for the prank…I think he may be Charlie’s long, lost brother.  And you know he would “do anything for love” and I am supposing, anything for his kin… :o)

meatloaf manual.jpg

So, do you see the resemblance, or is it just me?…

In other news, everyone keeps chatting about how Ryan Howard is BACK after hitting that homer yesterday.  Well, I hate to be hesitant on that thought, however, he has not had a hit since then.  Also, did no one notice that the home run came off a guy who was pitching like a little leaguer?  In fact, Mr. Morris was given his outright release by the Pirates today.  Yes, that is correct. Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 – you are FIRED!  Gone.  Soooooo…while I would really be thrilled to see Ryan getting his swing back, I am simply not convinced.  Although, if that homer gave him a boost of confidence, then hell, I’ll go out there and toss him some pitches!  Let’s hope he is using his day of tomorrow productively to get his head on straight and comes back out on Tuesday with a new approach.

In the meantime, you all enjoy your Monday…by the way, anyone rooting for the76ers or Flyers?  I can tell you, Jimmy Rollins is at the 76ers game right now…just saw him on TV cheering on the boys.  Hoping that means his rehab is going well…  Well, go Phillies and friends!!


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