The Replacements Getting It Done

MVP Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are on the DL, former MVP Ryan Howard is benched due to lack of performance, All-Star Chase Utley gets moved over to first base to cover for Howard, and a bunch of rookies and back-up players get thrown in to fill in the holes:  Last night, this team looked liked a jigsaw puzzle.  And still, it worked.  And why?  Because just like last year, this team just won’t quit.

Coste cr.jpg

Let’s see how the replacements did last night…back-up catcher Chris Coste (seen above) went 3 for 5 with 3 RBI’s; Jayson Werth, who will certainly cause a stir for a starters spot when Victorino comes back, went 2 for 4 with 2 RBI’s and a walk; Brad Harman, in his first major league start went 1 for 3 getting his very first hit and knocking in his first run.  Bruntlett and Taguchi also had one hit each.  Even Chad Durbin, a relief pitcher, got his very first major league hit last night.  He was so surprised that when he got to first base, he did not look like he had the first clue about what he was supposed to do from there.  I’m sure it all came back to him eventually.

And how about our bullpen holding this one down?  Adam Eaton was starting to look like the Adam of last year in the 4th inning there for a minute, so I think it was wise to pull him.  Durbin got shaky for a bit too but then held it together and after that, it was a total shut down.  Good thing too, because the bats had gone to sleep at that point.  Romero and Lidge are still holding zero ERA’s.  That is getting scary.  Have to say though, for all my early reservations about Lidge, he is off to a flaming start!  If he can keep this up and stay healthy, I think the Phillies are in real good shape.


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