Fun With Home Runs & Wild Animals

JC Romero wins my award for quotes of the year, speaking to Comcast Sportsnet after Sunday’s game about Chase Utley’s performance.  He began by saying, “I don’t think people know how strong he is. He looks thin, but he’s really strong.”  JC went on to say, “If you hang it, he’ll bang it.”  Well, clearly after last night’s game, Utley is not done banging it.  If he hits another one tonight, that will make 6 games in a row!  He’s already tied 3 former Phillies for the record of 5 games in a row (Abreu, Schmidt & D. Allen) and the next record stands at 8 in a row.

In other home run fun, Pat Burrell hit another one last night as well, helping to dig Kyle Kendrick out of what was looking to be a big hole.  Pat had 3 hits on the night and is still on fire with a .364 batting average!  But then the real fun of the evening, Jayson Werth got his first career inside-the-park home run in the 6th inning.  Using the super long legs on his 6’5″ frame, he swooped around the bases and slid into home, wondering if the O2 was on standby.  Jayson moves quite gracefully for a tall man and I have always thought he slightly resembles a giraffe.  Now, I am an animal person and I love giraffes and think they are adorable, so this is a compliment.  In fact, I relate most people I see to what wild animal I think they most resemble :o)  Try it sometime…it’s great entertainment!  Anyway, since last season, I have called Jayson “Giraffe Man” and decided to have some Photoshop fun with it!  What do you think?  They could be distant cousins, no?  Aside from the long legs and thin frame, as an added bonus, the dirt on the uniform makes a nice giraffe pattern :o)

Werth Giraffe cr.jpg

Fun Animal Fact:  Giraffes have 18″ tongues.  Take that as you will.


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