Utley Starting A New Case For MVP

Rollins drove the team last year with Utley on the DL, now this year, Utley will drive the team with Rollins on the DL.  And had Utley not had his hand broken by a stray pitch, he probably would have made a strong case for the 2007 MVP.  Could 2008 be his year?  Too soon to tell maybe, but so far, he is hitting .351, has 17 RBI’s, is leading the majors with 8 home runs and has hit 5 of them in his last 4 games.  David Wright of the Mets is certainly giving him a run at it.  We simply could not get this guy out all series long!  He finally popped out in foul territory to Ryan Howard in the 9th last night, but even that looked terrifying.

And speaking of last night, congrats to Eric Bruntlett who may finally have redeemed himself with an amazing game ending play on the final out in the 9th!  A diving grab and one hop throw to first to get Brad Lidge out of a very hairy inning.  Nice.  Now, if the guy can start hitting, maybe I’ll really get off his back… :o)

And go Pedro Feliz with the game winning pinch hit homer!  Also, he was nice enough to stop only for me before the game and sign one of my photos of him :o)  So, he gets bonus points for that as well.  But another night where all position players got a hit….gotta like that.  Sure helps the momentum going into Colorado tonight where bad, bad memories of an ugly playoff series are lurking in the shadows…

I had a lot of great shots from last night and had trouble choosing, so I went with the MVP theme.  Here is one of Chase Utley not quite tagging out David Wright who stole second base…  Enjoy!
P4208560 cr.jpg


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