Ninth Inning Rally Puts Phillies On Top

Aside from out outstanding pitching, this team looked deader than a palm tree in a snow storm up until the bottom of the ninth.  The offense spent most of the game swinging at pitches that were out of the strike zone off a pitcher with a reputation for giving up a decent number of walks.   It did not look good.  Then, Chris Snelling steps up to the plate and with one pitch in the bottom of the ninth, it’s a whole different game.  That one home run seemed to wake the team from their slumber.  Throw in another Utley HBP, one more Burrell homer, Feliz gets his third hit of the game, and the next thing you know, Jenkins is sliding into home to score the winning run.

One thing you can say about this team is that they just never give up.  So, although the offense still looks rusty, this is a good sign.  And I thought it was a fitting end to the game, being on Jackie Robinson Tribute Day, as he was a man who never gave up.  I actually read a book earlier today on the history of Jackie Robinson’s rookie season and it was really disturbing.  Very sad to think what one man had to endure so that many others could follow later.  So, for today’s photo and in the spirit of today’s win, I’d like to post this one that I took last year on a visit to New York.  It is a wax replica, but a very nice likeness of Jackie I think.  Have a great night everyone!




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