Burrell is on Fire!

Someone get a hose… this man is scorching hot!  3 more RBI’s on a homer and a double last night, bringing his batting average to a who*pping .400, Pat Burrell is ablaze at the plate.  And considering that his late inning “defensive” replacement, So Taguchi has dropped 2 balls this week that landed right in his glove both times is NOT looking SO hot, perhaps we should just be leaving Pat in there?  Have to say, I am SO disappointed SO far in Mr. SO.  Is that enough SO’s in one sentence? 

Anyway, also great to see Brett Myers back on track and coming out with a win!  He had a few hangers in there which left the park pretty quick, but for the most part, he look like the Brett of old and I think this will do a lot for his confidence going forward.  And the best part was NO walks on the night – ZERO.  That includes Lidge, who also had a solid outing.  I am sure he too was very glad to have a good night as it was his first time in front of the home town crowd in a Phillies uniform.

The Grizz (Bruntlett) had a MUCH better defensive game  – whew!  Still not a hit in sight, but at least Charlie finally moved him down to the 8 hole in the line-up.  Hopefully though, Jimmy will be back soon…fingers crossed…

Some fun at third base…lovin’ Greg Dobbs (as I always do…)!  Seriously, I loved this move last night (Dobbs starting).  Feliz looked great in Spring Training, but as of the regular season has completely cooled off.  Even defensively, he has already committed 2 errors, looked sloppy overall and not been at all what we were told to expect.  So, why not start Dobbs?  I said all along before the pick-up of Feliz I though Dobbs could handle third and with what we have seen of Feliz so far, Dobbs can do no worse.  Really though, defensively, I think maybe he is just adjusting to his new situation, but I also think we may now see another platoon situation because of the offense.  Because last night, it worked.  Dobbs tore up the right handed Zambrano going 2 for 3 with 1 RBI and when they switched to a lefty, Charlie put in Feliz and whamo, he gets a hit!  And Feliz has really been struggling at the plate so this was big.  So, I really don’t mind the platoon idea at third…if it works, go with it.  And it gives Dobbs more playing time, which I’d love to see.  He has earned it for sure and has a more consistent bat than Feliz.  Of course, this was only one game and I am speculating…who knows what Charlie may actually do?  Guess we shall see…  Go Phillies!


Photo:  Greg Dobbs – Fielding 101: Use 2 hands and follow the ball into the glove.  You go boy!


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