Phillies Out of Excuses, With Or Without Rollins

Last night’s game against the Mets was totally winnable.  But in the end, they just didn’t execute to pull it out.  Now if pitcher Cole Hamels can lay down a perfect bunt, why can’t Eric Bruntlett?  There is no excuse for a position player to strike out on a bunt attempt.  That one play in the 11th inning really did them in.  Had Bruntlett gotten the bunt down and moved the runners up, the double play is taken out and you have men on second and third with one out.  All Chase Utley has to do is make contact, which is exactly what he did, and in most cases, the run scores.  Instead, Chase’s contact turns into the inning ending double play we saw.  And after a horrific performance the day before, this was Bruntlett’s shining moment to redeem himself and still, he comes up empty.  Wow.  Unbelievable.  Incidentally, he went 0-6 for the game.

And you can’t lay this one on poor Tom Gordon either.  He never should have had to go 2 innings.  He looked GREAT in the first inning he pitched and that is as far as he should have had to go.  He is just not built for 2 innings and Charlie knows this.  But unfortunately, he also knew that he was running out of pitchers and did not have a lot of choice at that point.  And sadly, we have gone and squandered another good outing by Adam Eaton.  *Sigh*

Well, this team needs to find a way to win with or without J-Roll!  They did it last year without Chase Utley, who was well on his way to being the lead MVP candidate so they damn sure had better be able to do it without Rollins!  Like I said, there are no excuses.  I am still of the mind that they should have been worked harder in Spring Training.  Maybe next year…  Speaking of Spring, I have finally finished my photo project from my trip to Clearwater.  I threw together some of the more “fun” shots from my trip and uploaded them to Photobucket.  Please feel free to take a look…and let’s all try to think happy thoughts about the upcoming home stand…  Here’s hoping they can pull it together in time for a productive April!  Enjoy the pictures :o)


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