Phillies Struggle Without MVP J-Roll

The Phillies just can’t get rolling without their MVP J-Roll in the line-up.  Add 4 errors to the mix and disaster ensues.  I’ve been harping on the sloppy defense since the start of the season now and they took it to an all-time low tonight.  Wow.  Now, Kyle Kendrick did not look sharp by any means, but he sure did not look 7 runs and out by the 3rd inning bad either.  In fact, he easily could have escaped the 3rd inning with no damage at all had it not been for the shoddy defense.  Hold on to your seats people, I am about to tear Eric “Grizz” Bruntlett a new one…

Is this guy a major league player or what?  Seriously?  The 2 errors he committed in the 3rd inning were horrendous, inexcusable and really cost the Phillies the game.  The one ball he bobbled could have been a double play and out of the inning if fielded cleanly.  Instead, he gets nothing except a stunned looked on his face.  So sad.  In the 5th inning with one out, he fielded a ball that he bobbled badly, it bounced off his chest and luckily for him, landed back in his glove and he was able to make the throw in time to first for the 2nd out of the inning, but wow!  Almost a 3rd error for him!  UGLY.

So, I am watching this unfold and I can’t help thinking, I did see this guy play in Spring Training and he wasn’t THAT bad.  I mean, no J-Roll obviously, but not nearly the disaster I am seeing here.  Is he just out of practice?  Unprepared?  But then…no.  No excuse is good enough.  He had to have known there was a really good chance he’d play today after Rollins hurt his ankle yesterday.  So, you mentally prepare yourself for that possibility.  You get a good night’s sleep.  You PRACTICE.  You PREPARE.  I mean, don’t you?  Isn’t this what these guys get paid to do?  Geez!  Sorry, I am just so disgusted with this defense!  I mean, if this is how he’s going to play, then please, do go join Grizzly Adams up in the mountains and chase bears or something.  I say we call up Jason Donald and let him play!  :o)

Ok, so I am being really harsh on the Grizz here.  Obviously, not all his fault…I am just soooo frustrated with this team.  Even Chase Utley made a bone head error in this game!  Then, a horrible throw from Ruiz to third base which was way off line.  All the walks by the pitching staff…  It just makes you wonder where their heads are at.

The good news for the day is, even after pitching in the last 2 games, Chad Durbin comes in for a third game in a row and pitches 3.2 shut down innings.  I’ve been singing his praises since Spring Training and now all I can say is, whoo hoo!  Wish we had 5 or 6 more like him.  And, as an added bonus, he is adorable :o)

P3014508 cr.jpg

Well, here’s hoping J-Roll is back tomorrow!  If not, I shudder to think what may happen…yikes!  I vote we try Greg Dobbs at short…or maybe swap him with Chase for the day, because I know he has played 2nd before and Chase has covered short before.  After what we saw out of Bruntlett today, can this be much worse?  Well, since I don’t get a vote, I guess this is a moot point.  Oh well!  So much for creative thinking.  Maybe Bruntlett got it all out of his system today and will be totally awesome tomorrow!  And maybe someone just slipped something in my Kool-Aid…hmmmmm…  Well, sweet dreams everyone!


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