Mets Have Target Practice with Utley While Phillies Pitching Aims High

Chase Utley must have a Bulls Eye attached to him.  Either that or he’s so damn handsome that even straight men are so distracted by his presence that they just can’t help but slip up and nail him with the ball everytime he takes the field. :o)  They are simply blinded by his good looks.  Ahhhhh…  Oh, sorry, you lost me for a second…  I develop temporary ADD when thinking about it.  So anyway, he got smacked with 3 pitches today AND even managed to get nailed in the back with a throw while running to second base, saving an out and possible double play in the 7th inning which is what really turned the game around for the Phillies.  And, not totally satisfied with what he had done even after all that, he still managed to hit a double when they finally did pitch to him.  Ok, I am done drooling over Utley…I’ll leave you with this last thought on him (target included for the Mets fans)…

Utley cr target.jpg

A few other notes on today’s game – it was the 1st time the Phillies have EVER won the Mets Opening Day game in Shea Stadium!  And just in time as this is the very last one with the new stadium set to open in 2009.  Also, this was the 9th win in a row over the Mets, going back to last season.

Jimmy Rollins sprained his ankle wandering back and forth to second base in the 8th inning.  Here’s hoping this is not serious.  Eric Bruntlett is the backup who is decent, but obviously no J-Roll.  Nice enough guy…talked to him in Spring Training.  I gave him my own personal nickname, “Grizz” (short for Grizzly Adams), because of all the facial hair and because he kinda gives off that big, tough, mountain man vibe.  Ok, I am showing my age here with this reference…  Incidentally, I nickname all the players.  You will eventually learn this if you continue to read my blog…  Anyway, adding Bruntlett would mean a serious shake up in the line-up, probably with Victorino leading off and he has not been consistent lately, so that is not good news.  Let’s hope for a speedy recovery!

But hey, lovin’ this bull pen!  Chad Durbin and JC Romero with great outings again.  And, wow, Tom Gordon, dare I say it, really does look like he is back on “target!”  And in honor of Tom’s accomplishment, he also gets a “target” today :o)  Let’s see how the rest of the series goes!  Go Phillies!
P3014744 cr.jpg


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