The Great Escape – Phillies Manage a Series Split with the Reds

Even Houdini would have been proud.  After an ugly, ugly performance, the Phillies managed to escape Cincinnati with a series split with today’s win mostly thanks to Pat Burrell’s 2 home runs and 3 RBI’s.  I guess this means I can officially take my Burrell jersey out of the closet and wear it around town, no longer having to fear being heckled as I wander about.  Whew!  It’s about time…Pat deserves his due!

Burrell CU cr.jpg

So the team will earn no points for style in today’s win, adding 2 more errors to an already horrific defensive year and looking generally confused as they have since the start, but it’s a win none the less and we’ll take it!  Tom Gordon had a great shut down inning and I am sure felt he was able to redeem himself after that disaster in opening day.  That will go a long way for his mental state.  Also, his curve ball appears to be back and working…good news all around. 

As for Brad Lidge…I’ll grade him a “C” for now.  I was unhappy with the walk which ballooned into a near disaster in the 9th.  He started to look a bit nervous after that, and next thing you know, wild pitches and things start going haywire.  Your closer needs to be cool, calm and collected.  I am not yet convinced.  But, I am also not dissuaded either…giving him the benefit of the doubt here because he did look good in Sunday’s game….let’s see how the next series goes.


One comment

  1. metswin1

    Time to begin what should be a very interesting season series between your Phils and my Mets. All the credit to your team last year. I have no defense for my team’s historic collapse. However, I do think that the Phils will have a little winner’s hang over from last year and not be as good or fun to watch this year. We’ll see. Only one week in the books so far and the real fun between our teams begins in a few hours.

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