Walk-Off Walk Saves A Near Defensive Drowning

On Monday they lost it with bad pitching, Wednesday with bad / non-existent offensive and today they almost blew it with 4 errors and a pathetic defensive performance behind Jamie Moyer.  But, thanks to a 6th inning 8 hit explosion and then finally, the Jayson Werth walk-off walk to win it in the 10th, the Phils come up with their first win of the season.  Whew!  Time to exhale…

P2272724_final sm.jpg

I’ll tell ya what, maybe next year they need to spend a lot less time in Spring Training looking at prospects and a lot more time leaving their core players in games, getting their reps in and getting them ready for the season.  No more of this 3 or 4 innings and send them to the locker room, now lets’ play with the minor leaguers;  because obviously, that has hurt them a LOT this April and last April.  Clearly, this team is NOT ready to play.  They are sloppy, their timing is off and they are not gelling as a team.  Ryan Howard dropped at least 3 balls at first base today that, while they may not have been recorded as errors in the book on his end, he should have been able to handle.  And if you watch his head when he fields the ball sometimes, he doesn’t even follow the ball into his glove.  This is basic stuff.  And where is the coaching?  Does no one see this?  Sorry to pick on Ryan…just one example…believe me, the blame can be spread around to everyone.

So, on the positive side, thank goodness the coming bats are back!  Hopefully we can beat up on the Reds, gain some more confidence back and clean up this mess!  The talent on this team is too good to be playing defense like this.  And let also give a shout out to Chad Durbin, JC Romero, Clay Condrey, Ryan Madson and the new guy Rudy Seanez…well done!  I am especially impressed with Mr. Durbin!  And he has officially taken the name “Durbin” off my personal “bad words” list (reference to previous JD Durbin, whom we do not miss at all).  Luvin’ him!

Will check back in with you all in a few days…till then….go Phillies!



  1. mlbmark

    Hey there! The width of the text columns here are 550 pixels, which means if you upload and want to position a large photo, you should choose Thumbnail and specify 550. Then click so it also shows up as a popup. Then you’ll be all set. Right now that one’s warped. Keep having fun and congrats on popping the Nationals’ bubble.


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