Offensive Offense

It was an odiferous output against the Nats last night.  I’d give it a 5 clothes pin rating out of 5.  Smelly, smelly with a capital P – U!  And the Golden Clothes Pin Award goes to poor, poor Cole Hamels who needed it badly to shield his sensitive nose from the horrific stench.  After a shaky first inning, he pitched a superb game, only to be let down by the rotten performance of his teammates.  In fact, the only Phillies hit of the night was delivered by one Pedro Feliz, answering yesterday’s posed question of “Donde esta…the bat of Pedro Feliz?” (see previous blog).  So, thank you Pedro for stepping up as I said you would.  However, one more game in the books, one more loss for the Phils…

Well, let’s end on a happy note, shall we?  How’s about a really outstanding, incredibly adorable, super funny and possibly the best picture EVER taken of Chase Utley (just my opinion, of course) as our PHOTO OF THE WEEK!  Ok, well I really built that one up, huh?  Well, I took this at Spring Training and you have to admit, it is a rare moment to see Chase smile, let alone, cackle with child-like joy.  So, I was quite excited to have captured the moment.  Hope you like it…

P2241125 5x7 cr.jpg


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