Donde Esta…?

Phillies fans were left wondering after Monday’s performance:  Where is….the bat of Pedro Feliz?  Apparently taking a Siesta… 0 for 4, so sad 😦  Well, I think maybe he was just trying  a bit too hard to impress his new hometown crowd, but have no fear, I saw him in Spring Training and he will come around.  Nappy nap time is over…from Siesta to Fiesta!!!  Let’s go!!!P2272815_final sm.jpg

In other news…where is Mitchy Poo Williams these days?  Well, I spoke to him before the game on Monday…call it my first unofficial interview…and he is busy with, “work, work, work.”  Yes folks, a direct quote.  I congratulated him on his new salsa empire and he showed me the stands at CBP where they are now handing out his Wild Thing Salsa along with the nachos.  The same deal is also set up at Bright House Field in Clearwater, FL where I also sampled the salsa and I have to say, the stuff is actually really very good.  In fact, I’m totally hooked.  It’s nicely blended and doesn’t have all those huge, weird chunks of stuff like other brands.  Well done Mitch!  :o)

And where is Wes Helms going to go now that have added another pitcher?  With the arrival of Rudy Seanez, it seems unlikely that Helms will be around for much longer…the clock is ticking…Adios!

Donde esta the aching back of one Cole Hamels?  Gone forever people!  Or we should hope so anyway, now that the team has hired a staff osteopathic physician / chiropractor.  Now someone bring the boy his milk and cookies, lay him down for his nap and sprinkle fairy dust over his eyes for sweet, sweet dreams.  When he wakes, he will throw a no-hitter and lead us to the World Series…  Ahhhhh….oh, wait, I think I accidentally slipped and fell into the fairy dust.  Darn it!  I hate when that happens!

Ah, back to reality…fingers crossed for tonight’s game!  See ya!


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